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November 27th 1999
Segment Content Length of Clip File Size
Segment 1 Opening Credits
Myron Kulas Play Segment
Difficulty of Immigration [Chicago]
4 min 28.9 sec 1,175,621 bytes
Segment 2 News/Visti
Elections in Ukraine
5 min 31.0 sec 1,451,357 bytes
Segment 3 Exhibition of Ukrainian Religious Icons
Kyiv, Ukraine
11 min 34.8 sec 3,049,002 bytes
Segment 4 Canadians for a Genocide Museum
Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association
6 min 36.5 sec 1,742,943 bytes
Segment 5 Metropolyt Vasyli Fedak
90th Birthday & 55 Years in Service
to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
7 min 50.6 sec 2,061,017 bytes
Segment 6 Center Stage:
Hoosli Ukrainian Folk Ensemble
from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
5 min 46.5 sec 1,514,598 bytes
Segment 7 What, When & Where
Closing Credits
6 min 24.4 sec 1,684,127 bytes

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