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December 11th 1999
Segment Content Length of Clip File Size
Segment 1 Opening Credits
1 min 31.3 sec 402,983 bytes
Segment 2 News/Visti
Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma
visits Washington DC & meets with
President Bill Clinton & Vice-President
Al Gore
Efforts of Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto
4 min 30.6 sec 1,189,640 bytes
Segment 3 Commemoration of Famine/Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33
Famine Genocide Exhbit in Toronto City Hall
Unveiling of Statue in Montreal
Panachyda in Toronto with Sarkis Assadourian MP
Proceedings in Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Montreal
17 min 50.6 sec 4,691,058 bytes
Segment 4 Ukrainian Jehovah Witnesses in North America
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
12 min 26.5 sec 3,267,303 bytes
Segment 5 Center Stage:
Telnyuk Sisters
5 min 49.9 sec 1,536,168 bytes
Segment 6 What, When & Where 3 min 37.2 sec 952,925 bytes
Segment 7 Closing Credits 2 min 19.6 sec 610,355 bytes

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