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January 29th 2000
Repeat of January 15th 2000 Episode
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Segment 1
  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • New Year's Greeting from St. Nicholas [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • 2 min 47.2 sec 735,866 bytes
    Segment 2
  • Comments from President Kuchma during his visit to Washington D.C.
  • Comments from people on the street in Ukraine
  • News/Visti
  • Celebrations of Christmas Eve in Ukraine
  • 6 min 39.9 sec 1,755,934 bytes
    Segment 3
  • Christmas Eve Dinner with the Luchka/Hnatiuk Family
  • Centre Stage
  • Christmas Carol Concert at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church [Calgary, Alberta]
  • Surma Choir
  • Slavko Lubinetz, Jaroslava ?
  • Rev Anton Tarasenko speech
  • St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Choir
  • St. Stephen's Church Choir
  • Ihor Bohdan & Vasil Sawchuk
  • Children's Hand Bell Ensemble
  • Korinya Ukrainian Folk Choir
  • 12 min 19.6 sec 3,237,939 bytes
    Segment 4
  • 100th Birthday of Mrs. Revell at the Old Age Home at Sts. Peter & Pauls Ukrainian Catholic Church [Scarborough, Ontario]
  • Ukrainian Christmas Concert at the Ukrainian Language School [Selkirk, Manitoba]
  • Olesia & Andriana Chuchman from Winnipeg [Selkirk, Manitoba]
  • 5 min 58.6 sec 1,570,184 bytes
    Segment 5
  • Anne Jakymiv, Christmas Greeting [Calgary, Alberta]
  • Ukrainian Festival of Choirs [Calgary, Alberta]
  • Bazaar at the St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church [Etobicoke, Ontario]
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization: Vidlunnya Choir from Montreal under the Artistic Directorship of Mme. Svitlana Kolesnyk [Hull, Quebec]
  • Bazaar at the Christ the Good Shepherd's Ukrainian Catholic Church [Etobicoke, Ontario]
  • Bazaar at the Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • Ukrainian Musical Institute Children's Choir under the Artistic Directorship of Lesia Penkalsky [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • Ihor Bohdan & Vasil Sawchuk [Calgary, Alberta]
  • Anne Jakymiv, Christmas Greeting [Calgary, Alberta]
  • Korinya Ukrainian Folk Choir [Calgary, Alberta]
  • 13 min 47.5 sec 3,622,071 bytes
    Segment 6
  • What, When & Where
  • 4 min 41.0 sec 1,236,345 bytes
    Segment 7
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • 1 min 52.0 sec 488,690 bytes

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