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July 1st 2000
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  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • Song by the Ensemble Dzvony from Kolomeya [Ukraine]
  • 5 min
    1.1 sec
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  • News/Visti
  • Report on how the Taras Shevchenko Foundation supports organizations such at the Ukrainian Vesnivka Choir based in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Help support the work of the Shevchenko Foundation by donating to:
    Shevchenko Foundation
    456 Main Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada R3B 1B6
    (204) 942-4627
  • 8 min
    18.8 sec
    2,185,979 bytes
  • Global Village
  • 50th Anniversary Banquet of the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, UMANA, see www.umana.org [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • Tree Planting ceremony by the Life & Love Committee 2000, see www.infoukes.com/lalc2k [Mississauga, Ontario]
  • 5 min
    47.1 sec
    1,521,732 bytes
  • Interview with Toronto's Roman Hurko and his plans to stage an Opera Extravaganza Performance to celebrate the American Independence day on July 1st 2000 in Washington DC and the first performance of a new Ukrainian Liturgy he composed at the Saints Volodymyr & Olha Church in Chicago, Illinois on July 16th 2000; A CD has been released as of June 1st 2000 [Washington DC]
  • 9 min
    25.5 sec
    2,478,560 bytes
  • Centre Stage
  • Interview with Montreal's Singer/Songwriter Luba Kowalchuk and her reemergence into the music scene with a new CD release: "from the Bitter to the Sweet" after a 10 year absence [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 10 min
    29.8 sec
    2,764,451 bytes
  • What, When & Where
  • 5 min
    1.1 sec
    1,318,340 bytes
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • Song by Irina Bilyk [Ukraine]
  • 4 min
    3.6 sec
    1,071,876 bytes

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