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September 23rd 2000
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  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • Song by Pavlo Dibrova [Ukraine]
  • 5 min
    42.5 sec
    627,755 bytes
  • News/Visti
  • 3 min
    36.0 sec
    1,296,648 bytes
  • Press Conference by Hryhorij Omelchenko, Deputat of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine, on Corruption in Ukraine [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 7 min
    39.7 sec
    2,679,050 bytes
  • Report on the 25th Anniversary of the erecting of the Lesia Ukrainka Memorial (Poetess of Ukraine) [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 7 min
    51.2 sec
    1,786,519 bytes
  • Report on Painter Anatoli Kolomeyetz [Chicago, Illinois]
  • 16 min
    19.2 sec
    2,158,590 bytes
  • Centre Stage
  • Official opening of the 35th Canada's National Ukrainian Festival by Her Excellency Adrienne Clarkson, The Govenor General of Canada [Dauphin, Manitoba]
  • 4 min
    28.9 sec
    2,424,606 bytes
  • What, When & Where
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • Song by Alla Kudlai [Ukraine]
  • 2 min
    31.7 sec
    1,671,416 bytes

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