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January 20th 2001
Episode #919
Segment Content Time
by Video
  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • A Video Clip of a Christmas Concert from Chernivtsi [Chernivtsi, Ukraine]
  • 6 min
    19.3 sec
    by Video
  • Storinka Hlyadacha
  • Peter Jacyk, The Jacyk Group on the present actions of Youth in Ukraine [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Professor Petro Potichnij on the Gongadze incident in Ukraine [Hamilton, Ontario]
  • 7 min
    19.0 sec
    by Video
  • The Donation of $3.5 million dollars by the Ukrainian Canadian Eugene Shklar via the Eugene & Daymel Shklar Foundation to the Ukrainian Musuem [New York, New York]
  • 7 min
    21.3 sec
    by Video
  • The Birthday Celebration of the Most. Rev. Bishop Isidor Borecky of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church [Scarborough, Ontario]
  • An article of the Kontakt sponsered Youth Soccer Team under the auspicies of the Sportova Tovarystvo Ukraine [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 5 min
    17.2 sec
    by Video
  • An article about the efforts of Professor Jaroslav Rozumny, Editor of the Canadian Volume of the Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Diasporan [Winnipeg, Manitoba]
  • 4 min
    8.2 sec
    by Video
  • The Vatra Ensemble performing Ukrainian Christmas Carols & Shchedrivky [Lviv, Ukraine]
  • 10 min
    11.4 sec
    by Video
  • What, When & Where
  • Closing Comments
  • Christmas Greetings from Jurij Klufas, Kontakt Ukrainian Television Network [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Closing Credits
  • The Vatra Ensemble performing Ukrainian Christmas Carols & Shchedrivky [Lviv, Ukraine]
  • 7 min
    32.8 sec

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