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December 1st 2001
Episode #1013
Segment Content Time
by Video
  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • Unidentified Singer from Ukraine [Ukraine]
  • 5 min
    5.1 sec
    by Video
  • News/Visti
  • 4 min
    30.6 sec
    by Video
  • UCC Toronto Commemoration Concert of the Famine-Genocide of Ukraine 1932-33 [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Art Exhibit "Through the Eye of a Child" commemorating the Famine-Genocide of Ukraine 1932-33 [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Report on a Panel Discussion of the Famine-Genocide of Ukraine 1932-33 [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 5 min
    46.5 sec
    by Video
  • Art/Cultural Exhibit by the 101st Branch of the "Soyuz Ukrainiok Ameriky" [Chicago, Illinois]
  • The celebration of "Day of the Ukrainian Child" [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • 7 min
    45.5 sec
    by Video
  • Suggested Gifts for Christmas
  • Interview with George Yemec, Jean Paul Teskey & Faith Featherstone of Faby Games Inc., a manufacturer of family games [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Interview with Petro Hrynchyshyn, author of From Zarvanycia to Garabandal [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Interview with Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, author of Hope's War [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 11 min
    27.9 sec
    by Video
  • Centre Stage
  • The launching of the "Sacred Dnipro" CD of the last Performance of Maestro Volodymyr Kolesnyk [Toronto, Ontario]
    • The Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    • Lycenko Opera Chorus of Toronto
    • Dnipro Choir from Edmonton
  • 7 min
    23.0 sec
    by Video
  • Tscho, Koly, I De
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • Male Quartet Zhaivir at the Samopomich 50th Anniversary Concert [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • 6 min
    10.6 sec

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    Tscho, Koly I De
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