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December 22nd 2001
Episode #1016
Segment Content Time
by Video
  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • Performance by Unidentified Ukrainian Singer [Ukraine]
  • 3 min
    4.4 sec
    by Video
  • News/Visti
  • 7 min
    4.1 sec
    by Video
  • St. Nicholas Celebrations at St. Nicholas School [Chicago, Illinois]
  • Carpathia Credit Union sponsors a Lunch & Concert to celebrate St. Nicholas [Winnipeg, Manitoba]
  • SamoPomich Credit Union sponsors a Dinner to celebrate St. Nicholas [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • The International Student's Club at Manor College are exposed to St. Nicholas celebrations [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • 14 min
    53.0 sec
    by Video
  • Report on CIUS seminar by Dr. Andriy Chirovsky of St. Paul's University in Ottawa on the analysis of effects of Pope John Paul II's visit to Ukraine in 2001 [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 7 min
    17.9 sec
    by Video
  • Recognition of McMaster University President Peter J. George and Dr. Petro Potichnyj at Lvivska Polytechnic [Lviv, Ukraine]
  • Book Launch of Dr. Petro Potichnyj's book, on the 500 year history of the Village Pavlokoma which was destroyed shortly after World War II in Aktsia Visla [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 4 min
    13.4 sec
    by Video
  • Centre Stage
  • Children's choir from Josyf Cardinal Slipyj School perform at St. Joseph's Health Centre's "Tree of Angels Celebration" with the lighting of the Christmas Tree and Fund Raising efforts by the Health Centre [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 4 min
    56.5 sec
    by Video
  • Tscho, Koly, I De
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • Christmas Carol performed by an unidentified Ukrainian singer [Ukraine]
  • 6 min
    33.0 sec

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    Tscho, Koly I De
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