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January 5th 2002
Episode #1018
Segment Content Time
by Video
  • Opening Credits
  • Opening Comments
  • A Ukrainian Christmas Carol [Ukraine]
  • Christmas Greetings from Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 5 min
    12.0 sec
    by Video
  • News/Visti
  • 6 min
    36.5 sec
    by Video
  • Christmas Greetings from Metropolitan Stephan Soroka of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, USA [Philedelphia, Pennsylvania]
  • Christmas Greetings from Archbishop Antonij of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, USA [United States]
  • 7 min
    35.1 sec
    by Video
  • Christmas Greetings from Buduchnist Credit Union [Toronto, Ontario]
  • A Report on Christmas Traditions in Ukraine [Ukraine]
  • 6 min
    7.2 sec
    by Video
  • Christmas Greetings from Cholkan & Stepczuk, Chartered Accountants [Toronto, Ontario]
  • A Lecture on Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky by Rev. Dr. Petro Galadza of St Paul University, Ottawa [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Christmas Greetings from the Family Stanko run IGA stores [Toronto, Ontario]
  • 9 min
    6.5 sec
    by Video
  • Christmas Greetings from Lawyer Taras Hrycyna [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Report on the Ukrainian contribution to "Christmas Around the World" event held at the Science & Industry Museum sponsered by the 22nd Branch of the Ukrainian National Women's League of America [Chicago, Illinois]
    • Luba Kalin, President of the 22nd Branch and organizer
    • Liliana Kalin, Master of Ceremonies
    • Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) Chicago Choir
    • Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Hromovytsia
  • Christmas Greetings
  • 7 min
    12.7 sec
    by Video
  • Christmas Greetings from SO-USE Ukrainian Credit Union [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Tscho, Koly, I De
  • Christmas Greetings from Kontakt Ukrainian Television Network [Toronto, Ontario]
  • Closing Comments
  • Closing Credits
  • Unidentified Choir singing a Christmas Carol
  • 6 min
    15.8 sec

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    Tscho, Koly I De
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